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What we can offer you

At Access Europe we make the process of applying for, managing and evaluating EU funding easy

1. Winning EU funding

Our no-nonsense approach helps organisations highlight relevant information, during the process of application.

We simplify the process for you in three simple steps:

  1. visit us online for information on all funding opportunities open to your organisation - Sign up here to receive our Funding alerts and Invitations to Seminars and Workshops.
  2. attend our workshops and seminars for more details on what is right for you - again, free for London based organisations
  3. apply - and get detailed advice and critiques of your proposals

We also offer consultancy services to help you explore funding opportunities and develop a proposal, along with developing tailored funding strategies, preparation of visits to Brussels, organisation of tailored application workshops or indepth partner searches. 

2. Managing your European project

The rules of managing EU projects can seem daunting at first, but we are here to help. Our down-to-earth project management training demystifies the EU jargon used in programme documents and looks at:

  • getting your project started
  • project management techniques to ensure you deliver your project successfully
  • setting objectives and timelines
  • managing your partnerships
  • simple systems for reporting and financial management

3. Evaluating your project

Evaluation must be an integral part of all EU projects. We can provide you with the knowledge and skills to carry out your own internal evaluation, or we can evaluate your project for you (evaluation is often an eligible cost in project budgets).

Our skills and experience in evaluating EU projects will help you:

  • integrate the evaluation process from the start of the project
  • identify the difference between monitoring and evaluation
  • analyse what needs to be evaluated in your project
  • help you develop your own evaluation toolkit