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Partner Search

Support Network for victims of violence in close relationships

To develop functioning knowledge sharing and support network for NGOs, institutions and experts/ personal assistants to women victims of violence in close relationships.

Communication for Development

Project objectives: We are looking for partners to not only one project, but project partners that are focusing on themes as: • Promoting empowerment and active citizenship amongst young people • Open and Innovative education, training and youth work • Inclusive education, training and youth (t


The project aims to Implement concrete initiatives fostering the integration of migrant women, including asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection, in the receiving society.

AMIF: Integrating migrants into the labour market

• To ensure that migrants are offered a bespoke IAG service including language needs assessment, review of existing skills, qualifications, experience and aspirations to support their progresion into sustainable employment or further training. • To support migrants into sustainable employment/appro

Electric Plus

Electric Plus- shining light on electric heating. Changes in technology are seeing a radical reassessment of electric heating in social housing. For many years it was installed for logical reasons but it lead to high running costs and consumer complaints.

call H2020-EE-07-2016-2017 Behavioural change toward energy efficiency through ICT

These approaches will be evaluated in terms of their ability to be able to generate energy savings through the motivation and support of behavioural change of energy consumers.

Project on Roma integration

The London charity would like to join a project with the following Project idea: Knowing Your Rights, Having a Voice. Developing the self-organisation of Roma, mainly from Romania, living in Redbridge. Building on links that have already been developed with this new and growing community.

project on preventing hate crime

A small charity based in London, working to promote equality and challenge prejudice, discrimination and hate crime, is looking to join a project to apply to the call for proposals to support transnational projects to prevent and combat racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance -

New heating and cooling solutions

EE-04-2016-2017: New heating and cooling solutions using low grade sources of thermal energy. A London Local Authority is preparing a proposal with the following Project objectives: • Using low grade energy sources • Upgrading low grade energy sources • Decarbonisation of the economy and prom

Project on health assessment of refugees

The Swedish region Jämtland Härjedalen is preparing a proposal on improving initial health assessment of refugees - with a focus on children - by better assessment and early treatment of mental health problems.

A project within the REC Programme call for projects to support activities on non-discrimination and Roma integration.

The Project will aim to provide a forum for frontline discrimination practitioners to come together for knowledge sharing, practical experience, and continued professional development to support effective implementation of the European anti-discrimination legislation.

Urban accessibility from a holistic approach

Over recent years a priority in relation to accessibility has been to design and consolidate actions that benefit people with disability taking into account all the factors and needs to guarantee full social inclusion and to improve their quality of life.

Low Carbon SO2 - To facilitate the implementation of low-carbon, energy and climate

The project would be led by a London not-for profit with the objective of: - Promoting localised renewable energy generation - Integrating strong procurement policies - Promoting intelligent energy distribution networks - Increasing infrastructure projects between cities and regions - Shari

Reducing social exclusion within the school environment

The organisation intends to submit a proposal to the ERASMUS+ European Program under the Key Action 2: Cooperation for Innovation and Good Practice Exchange, in the section of school education. The project is temporary entitled: “we play, speak”.

YOU EUrope

Individual nations are perceived irrelevant in the globalised lives of new generations, the young Europeans know that Europe can offer a space for transnational communication and action. However, despite efforts by the EU, the perception that young people have of Europe corresponds to a supranation

Mediterranean G20 Academy

Mediterranean G20 Academy is a European Union project that aims to empower young Europeans and allow them to meet and influence politicians and decision-makers.

Expert partnership for education of young inmates

Expert partnership for education of young inmates and NGO competence development aims to: - Develop a methodology for improvement of non-formal education of young inmates, addicted to drugs/alcohol - Train Lithuanian NGO's that work in penitentiary institution’s how to use methodology and g

Youth workers for Equal Society

The aim of the project is better awareness of gender equality among youth workers and also among youth.

Protecting children, young people and women from harmful practices

- Increasing knowledge on community safety; children, young people and women safeguarding, good governance and civic engagement for the targeted Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAMER) community and refugee and migrant groups which will involve in promoting integration of services and changing attitudes

Projects to prevent and combat racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance

We want to develop our work to tackle hate crime particularly in relation to disability and/or LGBT hate crime. We have active local community-based stakeholders from the disabled and LGBT communities who would be keen to take a project forward with us.

Erasmus + partnership

A Polish third sector organisation "Zielony Słoń" is looking for partners to develop projects under the Erasmus + programme. The organisation is seeking to develop two projects: 1.

Fostering citizenship skills through digital learning

Project's main aim is fostering citizenship skills through digital learning and technologies in informal educational environments and in difficult and poor socio-economic context. ID promotes the development of an innovative teaching method which help Italian and European schools catching t


The Project will focus on increasing young people’s participation in their local communities and will promote the volunteering and active citizenship.